Weddings – what’s the first you forget, but the last thing you remember?

Here at No Sweat our underarm sweat pads have been particularly popular with Asian brides. So, we thought we’d write a post especially for them…. enjoy!

So, you’re getting married. You’ve thought about the decor, you’ve got the food all sorted, favours wrapped, jewellery purchased, jazzy bindi selected, and outfit purchased. But, there’s something you’re forgetting.

No Sweat

Sweat patches. Yep, it’s a bit awkward but it’s true. No matter what deodorant or antiperspirant you wear, in some situations (que wedding) you are likely to sweat. The silk dress, the nerves, the emotion, the adrenalin, the sheer volume of people, the weight of your outfit!!

You’ve spent a small fortune on your outfit

It’s a given that Asian clothing is beautiful. Usually made from silk, or crepe with intricate details and sometimes very heavy embroidery, you’re going to look like a princess. But, these intricacies result in two problems:

  1. The material is prone to sweat stains
  2. Dry cleaning is very expensivE

Solution: No Sweat. At £12.00 a pair and £10.00 on Amazon, No Sweat Washable Underarm Sweat Pads provide a simple, cost effective discreet method of concealing those stains and protecting your clothes. No Sweat underarm sweat pads go up over the arm and clip to the bra with a special snap clip fastener. This ensures the pad stays in place.

Most importantly they are machine washable, and can be worn with absolutely anything (from english blouses, silk Asian outfits, to work shirts). They also allow you to share your sari blouses and clothing with friends/family – without worrying about damaging the piece.



So don’t let sweat patches be the first thing you forgot, but the last thing you remember check out to buy your pair today.

Or you can visit us at stand E9 at the Asian Bride Wedding show, on Saturday 31 and Sunday 1 Nov at London Olympia or at the Wed-In-Style fair on Sunday 8 Nov, at the Navnat Centre

Good luck with the Wedding!

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