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Sweating is a natural bodily function which controls body temperature, particularly during hot weather and exercise. It also occurs in response to feelings of nervousness and anxiety. But, there are also those who sweat’s excessively.

The sympathetic nervous system controls the amount of sweating in the body. Some people have hyperactive nervous systems. This results in sweating at inappropriate times, far in excess of the amount necessary to maintain normal body temperature. This condition is referred to as Hyperhidrosis.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Over 70 million people in the world suffer from hyperhidrosis – a medical condition where people sweat excessively. If you suffer from this, or know some who does, than you know about the loss of self-esteem, fear of clothing stains and embarrassment it can make you feel. There are two types of hyperhidrosis 1) Primary where the sweating occurs on the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, under the arms and on the face. 2) Secondary: where sweating occurs all over the body

The cause of Body Odor

Waste products are digested by microorganisms (like bacteria) found on healthy skin. As they feed on your sweat, the microorganisms produce the familiar scent of body odor as a byproduct of metabolism.

While cases of hyperhidrosis having gravely adverse health effects are relatively rare, its effect on one’s psychological wellbeing is just as legitimate and tangible, and if you are worried that you suffer from it, please contact your GP. The above recommendations are self-help techniques, and cannot replace the advice of a medical professional.


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