Weddings – what’s the first you forget, but the last thing you remember?

Here at No Sweat our underarm sweat pads have been particularly popular with Asian brides. So, we thought we’d write a post especially for them…. enjoy!

So, you’re getting married. You’ve thought about the decor, you’ve got the food all sorted, favours wrapped, jewellery purchased, jazzy bindi selected, and outfit purchased. But, there’s something you’re forgetting.

No Sweat

Sweat patches. Yep, it’s a bit awkward but it’s true. No matter what deodorant or antiperspirant you wear, in some situations (que wedding) you are likely to sweat. The silk dress, the nerves, the emotion, the adrenalin, the sheer volume of people, the weight of your outfit!!

You’ve spent a small fortune on your outfit

It’s a given that Asian clothing is beautiful. Usually made from silk, or crepe with intricate details and sometimes very heavy embroidery, you’re going to look like a princess. But, these intricacies result in two problems:

  1. The material is prone to sweat stains
  2. Dry cleaning is very expensivE

Solution: No Sweat. At £12.00 a pair and £10.00 on Amazon, No Sweat Washable Underarm Sweat Pads provide a simple, cost effective discreet method of concealing those stains and protecting your clothes. No Sweat underarm sweat pads go up over the arm and clip to the bra with a special snap clip fastener. This ensures the pad stays in place.

Most importantly they are machine washable, and can be worn with absolutely anything (from english blouses, silk Asian outfits, to work shirts). They also allow you to share your sari blouses and clothing with friends/family – without worrying about damaging the piece.



So don’t let sweat patches be the first thing you forgot, but the last thing you remember check out to buy your pair today.

Or you can visit us at stand E9 at the Asian Bride Wedding show, on Saturday 31 and Sunday 1 Nov at London Olympia or at the Wed-In-Style fair on Sunday 8 Nov, at the Navnat Centre

Good luck with the Wedding!

3 Reasons to attend Garba during the Hindu Festival of Navratri

For the next 9 days, from 13 to 21 October, Hindus across the world will be celebrating Navratri. The festival is dedicated to the worship of Hindu deity Durga. The word Navratri means ‘nine nights’ in Sanskirt, nava meaning nine and ratri meaning nights and is marked by special rituals, ceremonies, and fasts.

Then, there’s the dancing.

Imagine hundreds of brightly-dressed dancers swirling in unison around the colourful statue of a beautiful Indian goddess, as a drummer quickens the pace on his dhol.

This is Garba and Raas, traditional dances that are performed to honour the warrior goddess Durga during the holiday. Chances are, there’s a dance taking place near you. So make sure you look the part and grab a pair of Washable No Sweat Underarm Sweat pads (beautiful silk Asian clothing can be easily damaged by sweat stains especially during dance) and join in!

Discreet, washable underarm sweat pads

Discreet, washable underarm sweat pads

Here’s why you should go…

Who Doesn’t Want To Dance Like A Bollywood Star?

Because of its colour and beauty, Navratri celebrations have often made appearances in Bollywood movies. Many major stars–from Amitabh Bachchan to Deepika Padukone have performed Garba on film. The important thing to remember is to manage your expectations. Honestly, the chances that you’ll end up looking like this are close to nil:


You get to wear beautiful outfits

From the likes of Kajals Couture, Variety Silk House and Este Couture coupled with beautiful jewellery such as that seen by Red Dot Jewels. Plus, now you don’t have to worry about embarrassing underarm sweat patches thanks to No Sweat, Washable Underarm Sweat Pads designed to protect your clothes from sweat stain damage.

Clothing by Kajals Couture

Clothing by Kajals Couture

The Steps Repeat, So You’ll Get The Hang Of It. We Promise.

The moves on the Garba dance floor may look complicated, but they are repetitions of the same basic steps. The dance steps are rhythmic and repetitive, so once you watch and follow a combination of footwork and hand movements, you’ll be fine. The traditional Garba is a series of steps that include spinning, some hand-clapping and sweeping of the arms.


After that, dancers will grab colorful dandiya sticks to perform the Raas dance. The participants form two circles or two lines and will strike the dandiya of the person standing in front of them. One circle goes clockwise and another goes counter-clockwise.



Credits: Huffington Post, Carol Kuruvilla

London Fashion Week… All eyes on the model

With London Fashion Week in full swing, all eyes turn to the ‘car-park turned runway’ in Soho to admire both the clothes and the models on display.


But the constant pressure related to models’ looks and lifestyles are nothing short of overwhelming!

The media are quick to judge with comments of: too fat, too thin, too tall, too short, pointy nose, flat hair, no smile. The lists are endless. Thankfully the last thing they have to worry about is damaging the designers clothing, due to the creation of this year’s fashion must have, No Sweat. Washable, underarm sweat pads, which prevents embarrassing sweat patches and damage to clothing. #result #modelssecret


In the meantime, we look forward to seeing Kendall, Miranda, Karlie and Candice on the catwalk looking, sweat-free, sassy and stunning, photograph after photograph.

No Sweat

No Sweat


3 in every 100 people sweat excessively, do you?

Maybe you have Hyperhidrosis…

Prevent underarm sweat patches with No Sweat

Hyperhidrosis is a common condition in which a person sweats excessively. This can be on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet, face to underarms. It is estimated that 3 in every 100 people suffer from it. Unfortunately however, many people go without a diagnosis or treatment because they are too embarrassed to go and see their GP about it.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis: primary and secondary. Primary hyperhidrosis has no triggers and is due to a failure in the nervous system. Secondary hyperhidrosis on the other hand does have triggers such as stress, illness or pregnancy. Primary hyperhidrosis is the most common kind and usually starts to affect people during puberty.

The sweating, while not posing serious health risks, does seriously affect quality of life. It leads to people avoiding physical contact with others from handshakes to hugs, avoiding social situations that involve a lot of movement such as clubbing and dancing and being more nervous than they ought to be about making first impressions such as in a job interview or on a date due to consciousness of sweat stains. This often has the result of the person suffering from hyperhidrosis withdrawing themselves from social occasions and becoming anxious or depressed. If any of this sounds relatable then you should go and see a GP to get a diagnosis.

There are many ways to try and combat hyperhidrosis. There are certain colours you can avoid wearing, which will hide the sweat stains well. Wearing strong anti perspirants is also an option as well as avoiding things such as spicy foods and alcohol which are known to make sweating worse.

With hyperhidrosis however these measures are not always fail proof as sometimes sweat stains might be too big to be hidden and anti perspirants might be not be strong enough or may have to be used continuously.  A more effective method are underarm sweat pads such as the NoSweat underarm sweat pads which hide easily under the clothing, are minimal effort and soak up the sweat. They also mean you don’t have to limit your wardrobe to sweat stain disguising colours and you don’t have to shy away from any social situation.

Although uncomfortable and embarrassing, hyperhidrosis does not have to take over your life. Visit and don’t sweat in silence.

Also available in Harrods Pharmacy.

Credits: Milan Gammanpila

10 Tricks To The Perfect First Date

Try No Sweat Underarm Sweat Pads

1. Dress For The Occasion

First of all make sure that you know what sort of date it will be so that you can dress for the occasion. This is more crucial for the ladies than the men because for guys you can wear the classic jeans and shirt pretty much anywhere. For you ladies though if you end up wearing a cocktail dress and stilettos to a bowling alley you’ll probably end up feeling out of place and embarrassed for the whole date.

2. Be Confident

It is a well known fact that confidence is the most attractive quality to both men and women. If you are confident then great you’ll have no problem! If you are not then you should try the old but gold method of just pretending that you are. Look them straight in the eye, have your best smile on, make yourself be chatty- no one word replies! And try to stop any self-conscious habits of playing with your hair or fiddling with your hands because although you might hardly notice you’re doing them, they are very obvious and clearly picked up on signs of nerves. Also if you. like many people, tend to sweat when you’re nervous then you’ll already be aware that a huge and unattractive sign of nerves is sweat patches. To combat this try wearing a pair of No Sweat Underarm Sweat Pads. If you successfully act and look like you’re confident then even though you may have bats of anxiety flapping around in your stomach what does it matter because who’s going to know? If you feel like you can’t even act confident however and your nerves are very clear e.g. you are having mind blanks and saying ‘umm’ a lot and can feel yourself turning red then just be honest with them and say that you are nervous. Hopefully they will appreciate your honesty and will most likely be flattered that they are having this effect on you.

3. Chill Out

Try and stop yourself from worrying about whether you’re impressing them the whole time- it will only make you look and feel more nervous. Instead try and adopt the mentality of ‘are they impressing me?’ or ‘is this person deserving of being a part of my life?’ This goes back to the old saying ‘always treat yourself like a prize’. If you do this other people will sense it and will treat you like one too. That being said this should not stop you from making an effort!

4. Be decisive

Saying ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I don’t mind’ all night is boring and will make you seem bland. If your date gives you options pick one!

5. Be Interested As Well As Interesting

Ask a lot of questions. Make sure that they know that you are very interested in them. Also, turn your phone off! If you are checking your texts or social media then they will immediately get the impression that you’re bored with their company.

6. Leave Out The Emotional Baggage

Remember that a first date is like a job interview in many ways. You should only show your best qualities. So don’t reveal any emotional baggage- no talking about past girlfriends/boyfriends, frayed family relationships or any personal problems. No ones going to go into a relationship with someone if they think they’re going to have to be their therapist.

7. Don’t Forget Your Manners

Guys Nothing impresses a girl quite like old fashioned manners because unfortunately nowadays they’re rare. So hold the door, pull out the chair, insist on paying (this doesn’t have to go on forever but for the first date it’s nice if you pay) and if she’s walking home or even just to her car make sure you walk her all the way to the door. If she thinks you’re the type of guy that will look after his girl she’ll be much keener for a second date. It is the era of the independent woman but a gentleman never goes underappreciated.

8. It’s Ok To Eat

Girls Order whatever you want. You don’t have to have a salad! Studies show that men see right through the ‘I quite fancy the salad actually’ act and peg it down as insecure.

9. Be Complimentary

Everyone loves an ego boost. Make sure that you give at least one compliment during the date. It could be on their appearance e.g. their outfit or a physical feature like they’re eyes or smile. It could also be on one of their personality traits like their humour or warmth. Do not overdo it however. Too much flattery and you will come across as insincere or over eager.

10. The Truth About The Chase…

Girls It sounds old fashioned but let him ring you after the date. Men will always love the chase. Guys You know the rule about waiting 3 days to call her? Forget it. Most women will just be left feeling like you’ve forgotten about them. If you want to see her again, ring her the next day.

Dating struggles of a sweaty betty

Credits: Milan Gammanpila

Tube trivia- are you sweating?

Working up a sweat is annoying, but sometimes fun word games and trivia makes it worthwhile! Have a go at this to see if you can guess the TFL tube stations. This picture has taken the internet by storm!

If you’ve found yourself a little sweaty, remember to check out


If you really want the answers, scroll down

1. Waterloo
2. Angel
3. Kilburn
4. 7 Sisters
5. Bow Road
6. Blackfriars
7. Elephant & Castle
8. Bank
9. Clapham
10. Cockfosters
11. Canada Water
12. Canary Wharf
13. West India Keys

No Sweat Now Stocked In Leading Asian Fashion House

No Sweat

Perfect for Asian clothing

No Sweat are very excited to announce that Variety Silk House are now stocking No Sweat underarm sweat pads – perfect for any occasion.

Variety Silk House, created in Nairobi, Kenya, have been providing beautiful Asian fashion for all seasons and occasions since 1958. The company take their motto of ‘providing exquisite, exclusive and elegant bridal sarees and lengha ensembles’ seriously, searching the globe for the finest quality materials. The clothing is often hand loomed with an emphasis put on keeping to the traditional techniques of India’s textile industry resulting in an unparalleled level of detail and care in the designs.

Now shoppers no longer need to worry about damaging these beautiful items with the help of No Sweat underarm sweat pads, which helps prevent the chance of sweat stain damage to clothing. More importantly, No Sweat helps reduce the dry cleaning bills associated with beautiful Asian wear! The sweat pads are ideal for any event from wedding parties to family gatherings.

With high profile customers such as Gwen Stefani and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai modelling some of their ranges, and an ever growing global customer base, Variety Silk house has fast become the leading Asian fashion house in the UK. So, for a flawless, high-fashion look, head on down to the store and pair No Sweat with an outfit from Variety Silk House!

TFL strikes back!

www.nosweatpatches.comSweatpatches on commuters in tubes, or no tubes at all?!

This is one instance where the former is better than a strike! At least there’s a solution to ghastly sweat stains (

The train strike will leave many Londoners with limited methods of transportation due to a 24 hour tube strike starting from Wednesday 8 July.

Around 20,000 tube workers are expected to strike, leaving thousands of Londoners stranded or crammed into cramped, sweaty buses… No Sweat sweatpad anyone?

So why is there strike action?

LU and unions failed to agree a pay deal over new Night Tube services. Weekend services are set to begin on 12 September on sections of the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines. So some employees fear they will have to work more overnight shifts or work on their own in stations.

Can it get any worse?

Well, yes, actually. Passengers using First Great Western services will also be hit by a 48-hour Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union strike from 18:30 on Wednesday 8 July. This is expected to disrupt long-distance services in the west of England, Wales and those in and out of Paddington.

So how do I get into London?

Take a nice long walk

Jump on a bus, there will be up to 200 extra buses. However, give yourself plenty of time as extra traffic is likely

The DLR, London Overground, bus network, tram and TfL Rail services will all operate as normal, but passengers are advised to travel outside of morning and evening peak times on Thursday

Extra Bikes will be available (good job Boris)

However you get in, it’s going to be hot and it’s going to be sweaty so check out and save yourself, and your fellow commuters any added horror or frustration!

Useful links

Follow updates from the main transport providers across London



First Great Western

National Rail

Dating struggles of a sweaty Betty

Dating struggles of a sweaty betty

Dating struggles of a sweaty betty

I got a very unpleasant surprise when I arrived at the restaurant he suggested, only to find that it was outdoors and it was scorching. The flowers around the tables and the olive trees were all very well but where were the fans? Where was the air conditioning? Do they not cater for those prone to a bit of sweating at all?

I had met him online and from his photo I could tell that he was good looking but I was not prepared for the man in front of me. He was tall, dark and handsome; every girl’s dream with a flashing smile in a fitted shirt. I could feel my armpits start to dampen. Oh no, please god, not today.

As soon as we made our introductions I realised that I was in big trouble. The hot guy coupled with the hot sun was making my sweat positively stream from my under arms.

By the time the food comes I realize there’s no way I can stay sitting there without turning into a swimming pool. I wish had my No Sweat underarm sweat pads that I’d bought from Amazon. Damnit. I’m going to have to go to the bathroom and fashion myself some form of pads. I notice the cloth napkin by my plate and slyly slip it into my bag. Just one won’t do though.

I see that he has a napkin right by his arm and I can feel my hands start to itch for it. ”Look how beautiful the sun is today!” I say emphatically pointing behind his head with my finger. Looking mildly alarmed at my sudden awe for nature, he turned his head to look at the sun. Seizing my chance I grab the napkin by his plate and put it into my bag. Success! He turned back to me squinting and amiably agreed that the sun was very lovely today. What a nice guy.

“This pasta looks delicious!” he said happily picking up his fork. He looked quizzically around the table for his napkin, picking up his plate to check it wasn’t there. ”Lost something?“ I asked. ”My napkin seems to have disappeared” and looked under the table. I peered under the table with him and remarked that the wind must have blown it away. ”I’ll just ask the waitress for another” he said shrugging. I silently congratulated myself for my oscar winning performance. ”Can you excuse me just for a second, I’m just going to the bathroom” I said and with my arms clenched to my sides I dashed away.

In the bathroom I inspected the damage. My heart sank as I saw the big damp rings under the arms of my dark red top. I sighed when I thought of the Cosmopolitan article I had read stating that men found red to be the hottest colour on women. Thanks Cosmo I definitely look hot… hot like I’d been sitting in a furnace. With a flash of relief I saw the hand dryers and shoved my armpits underneath… but why was it so weak? This must be the least powerful hand dryer ever made! The owners of this restaurant would be getting a vehement email as soon as I got home. ”Your food may be Michelin star and your service may be excellent but your hand dryer efficiency is quite simply abysmal”.

Suddenly a woman enters the bathroom and I’m forced to dart out from under the dryer. I make a great display of drying my hands and give her a nonchalant nod. She gives me a sympathetic smile in return. She definitely saw. There’s nothing for it but to go back to my date now. The sweat circles have gotten smaller but they’re still quite visible, especially if I move my arms. I decide to just somehow keep them tightly to my sides. I lodge the cloth napkins firmly under my armpits and walk back out sending a prayer up that they’re thick enough to soak up the sweat and not slip out of my outfit!

Back at the table I managed to eat my food with my arms tightly by my sides and keep up a pretense of listening. He was a great guy. He enjoyed wine tasting and travelling and wasn’t averse to the occasional shopping spree and if that isn’t husband material then I don’t know what is. But all I could think about was the growing wetness under my arms!” I hope you don’t mind but I ordered us a bottle of wine” he said. Of course I didn’t mind.

When the wine came to the table he poured himself a glass and then I watched in horror as he placed the bottle down in the middle of the table. How was I supposed to reach over without exposing him and the rest of the world to my sweat rings? Ok I’ll try using force of mind. I look at him intensely and then look pointedly at the glass. He smiles and asks how the food is. ”Oh just lovely” I reply impatiently. I try again looking deliberately and intensely at the wine glass. He looks concerned now. “Are you ok?” he asks.  ”Fine! Thankyou!” I reply. I really need a glass to help with the nerves but I can’t outright ask him to pour.

The sweat. The nerves. The sweat. The nerves. This is making the sweat even worse I can feel it trickling down my sides. I am just a big hot mess of sweat. I know that he must see me shaking but like a true gentleman he averts his eyes to his plate and pretends he doesn’t notice. I can’t take it anymore” would you mind pouring me some wine?” “Of course!“ he says jumping. He looks a startled mixture of embarrassed and taken aback. I cringe at what a princess he must think I am. I might as well ask him if he’s prepared a horse and carriage for our departure.

It’s finally the end of the date and I can almost feel the cool embrace of the cold shower that waits for me at home. Oh surely, surely he isn’t going for a hug. I fight the instinct to race like a cheetah out of the restaurant. ”Thank you for a great afternoon” I say and quickly proffer my hand for a shake as he steps towards me with his arms wide open. He turns an embarrassed pink as he shakes my clammy hand.

I wonder if he’ll call me again.